Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My spring yard clean up is interfering with my dusting! So much to do and so little time.

No, I am not doing any yard work in the middle of the night. But the lure of the outdoors was so strong this weekend that I had to get out there and spruce things up.

Last year's curbside finds were looking VERY trashy to me out there in the yard so I took a load of the junkiest junk to the dump and started rearranging the rest~ Not best, just the rest.

Also hit several Estate Sales and will share some of my finds later this week.

But today I thought I would finish with the collections on the green cupboard that I dusted the other day.

This general store jar has pretty carmel and brown colored shirt buttons and some dice. I have a weakness for dice.

Behind the jar are some old leather books. I use old books as props in almost all of my displays. You may have noticed that already.

These are iron whatsits. I have no idea what they are, but they are HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY.

As children, both I and and later my daughter collected what I always thought were "fossilized fish vertebrae" from the shores of Lake Michigan. As an adult I have been told that they are crinoids.

Which they are, I'm not sure, but they along with driftwood, sea glass, and pretty rocks were the things I stuffed in my pockets for the bike ride home from the beach each day in the summer.

Some of these I have had for over 50 years.

Another tin lidded general store jar with rummage sale candles. More of those creamy, carmel tones that I find so peaceful to live with.

I am sure these tablets "regulated" something. I am not sure we want to know what.

We will leave dusting for a while and move on to some other things tomorrow.


  1. Oodles of finds all fun. The pictures arrived today, so thank you, thank you!!! I love your choices, no big surprise!!!
    Have a vintage filled weekend & may the treasure fairies bless you.

  2. Those "whatsits" kind of look like they could be weights. Do you suppose? I am a bottle/bowl/jar filler upper myself. I love all your treasures.

  3. I love filling bowls and jars and what not with all sorts of collections. Yours are very interesting. And I have collected shells and pretty stones from the shores of Lake Michigan forever!!

    I say forget the dusting for now. Open your windows wide and let the fresh air blow the dust out!!


  4. You have so many interesting items.
    I really need to get out more to estate sales and flea markets and find wonderful items to have in my home too.

  5. You do have a pretty neat collection of whatever and I like the way you display them in jars...Christine

  6. Ha! Yes, I thought you meant that you were gardening in the middle of the night! Just your jar collection alone is so amazing, but then you put the most interesting things in them. I love the button and dice combination. Now I have to go Google crinoids...

  7. I am guessing those are some type of weight also. I had to google crinoids to see what there are. :-)

  8. I just love all of your interesting collections and displays. Taking a break from the dusting will give you more dusting to do when you get back at it:) Enjoy your day my friend!

  9. I just love all of your creamy caramel colored collections. I can't wait to see what you dust off next.

  10. Love, love, love the way you display all your treasures. Some of those glass jars are just amazing!

  11. Love your jars and how you fill them with such lovlies! I especially like the buttons and dice mix.

  12. I love all of your neat collections in your jars. I have got old keys (not real real old) in an old jar in my kitchen. The cool thing about the keys is that most of them are keys that my grandfather had either to old cars, pad locks, the barn, etc. There just fun to look at. And, I'm pretty sentimental and love the fact that he touched all of these keys and used them.

    Thanks for sharing...


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