Monday, April 26, 2010

There is REALLY a fireplace behind all of this stuff!

The weather outside has turned cooler so I am back to dusting. This is the fireplace wall in my family room now totally and throughly dusted....

From top to bottom.

A gable piece from a 1892 Laporte, Indiana workman's cottage.

A variety of big plaster sheep from church nativity scenes.

More sheep and an old toy log fence and gate.

A framed poster from WW2 announcing the pricing for Victory Notes.

A discarded sign from Crab Tree Farms, a local lake front estate.

A partial set of lithographed puzzle blocks. Behind the blocks is an old iron urn filled with round brushes.

An old pair of industrial scissors on top of a vintage ledger book.

Under the nest is an old iron heart doormat. Usually you only see parts of these~ salvaged from damaged doormats. This one is in perfect condition~ a rarity! Even though I found it at a garage sale, it was not inexpensive. She knew what she had.

You may recognized this wooden bowl of dried gourds from my blog header. It is briefly dust-free.

These wire hand shaped things are vintage glove dryers.

Here is another pair of glove dryers.

And a last pair. I have had them in many colors over the years. These just happen to be in the same white color range.

One of my customers may be interested in some or all of these "stone" lemons so they are temporarily residing together waiting to see if they are chosen to go live in a new home. The ironstone bowl is on top of a stack of old encyclopedias.

And off to the side is one of my flower basket doorstops.

I love what it says on this invoice file box, "The Boss File."

Clothespins~ my current default purchase at Estate Sales~ If nothing else is available I buy their clothespins. Another example of easy to find, ordinary things that I love in VOLUME.

The curved top pieces of wood at the sides of the fireplace are an old pair of Amish shutters.

Mr. Anything Goes Here's view from his favorite chair across the top of the coffee table. If you look closely you can see that there REALLY is a fireplace behind all that stuff!!!!!


  1. Hi Joan,
    I just love coming over to view your blog. You always have the most interesting things to show us.
    Your vingettes are amazingly beautiful and your collections are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing and yes, I believe you can see a little bit of your fireplace.


  2. I am so in love with all of the absolutely wonderful treasures that you keep in this room. Your keen eye for styling these is amazing!! I would love to take a peek at all of your must be spectacular in your home!
    Happy Sunday xOxO Nerina

  3. Wish I could drop in and see these fabulous treasures!! Love the boss file! I'll be checking back and will certainly follow your blog, just great!

  4. You have a lot of nice 'stuff', Joan!! And all of your vignettes are fabulous and interesting. I love your little sheep and the shutters!!


  5. I participate in and visit others that post on Vintage Thingies Thursday. Of all I have seen, I never saw this many vintage things in one place. You have so much great stuff.

  6. Oh my GOSH do I love your sheep collection! What a great idea...all from old nativities! And LOVE the idea of the clothespins! I feel like we're kindred collector spirits! If one more person comments on my 'finds' and asks what in the world I DO with everything, I shall scream! ;o) Loving the peek inside your home so much.

  7. You are a great photgrapher. You make me want to arrange my "stuff" into pretty little still lifes instead of just piles. I have always loved your blog header, and now I know what it consists of!

  8. You do your display in your home as wonderful as at the flea market! Love it Joan, thanks for sharing!

  9. You have some wonderful interesting things over here! I love those stone lemons and the boss file! That Victory Note Sign is priceless!

    Hugs to you!

    Come join the postcard swap too!

    Have a perfectly happy week!


  10. All so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your treasures.

  11. Great pics of great stuff! I have one of those heart mats hanging on the bedroom wall at the lake ...and buckets of old clothespins...
    guess we're two of a kind!
    :)but we knew that already.

  12. Another beautiful vignette! You have so many wonderful and unique items...I love all of them.

  13. What fun treasures........definitely my sort of thing......LOVE IT ALL!

  14. Hi Joan,
    Sorry it's been awhile since I came to visit. We moved and things have been crazy. But trying to get caught up.
    WOW! Your vignettes are amazing! How I wish I had some of your goodies. But what I really swooned over was that heart-shaped door mat!! I have never seen one before, but I will keep my eyes open from now on. Is that it's original use? Just never seen one before. Off to look at some older post.
    Happy Monday!

  15. I'd come help you dust anytime, just for a close up look at all your treasures. So cool! Love, Penny

  16. WOW! Great finds! Love the way you display them too.

  17. Hi Joan
    Love all of it and now dusted! Are you still not sleeping?
    Love the sheep!!!


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