Monday, April 26, 2010

A Blue Cupboard from a Pharmacy

During the 1980's one of the neighboring communities had the cutest country gift shop inside a local pharmacy. The pharmacist's wife had the best taste and the nicest selection of items. She used antique country tables and cupboards as all her display pieces. The prices on all of these pieces were very, very high. I loved one slender blue cupboard in particular.

When the pharmacy was closing in the early 1990's there was a sale to liquidatel everything in the gift shop. I found out about the sale after it had been going on for a week or so. The cupboard had already been sold to 2 friends of mine who bought several pieces as partners. I didn't have to beg this time. I was able to buy the cupboard from them. It wasn't as inexpensive as it could have been, but it was still a bargain from its original store price.

There is original screening in the door. In its first life, it was probably a kitchen piece.

That is a white painted tin wash tub on top of the cupboard, and a survey measuring rod on the side with the numbers.

This is an old flower garland made from yarn wrapped around twisty wire.

Here is a closeup of some of the flowers. I have no idea how old it is, but it has a homemade 1920's or 1930's feel about it.

More tin lidded country store jars, some Christmas tree candle holders and a cutlery tray in original paint. It is more blue than it looks in the photo.

Hand colored fruit prints, a cutlery tray full of shells, and that general store jar I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I bought from an Estate Sale even though it didn't have its tin lid anymore. It is full of broken folding rulers.

Another cutlery tray. This one is stenciled. That is a rare tin fishing creel. It is rare because it is tin and doubly rare because it has its original blue painted surface. In the country antiques world, blue is the most valued color.

This cupboard is in the same room as the fireplace wall featured here, the coffee table I wrote about here, and the blanket chest display I posted about here.


  1. Now that cupboard I would beg for. That is MY blue. To die for.
    Lucky you!
    Hope it is a good week and that the sun comes out!

  2. I luv that cutlery tray with the old milk paint. A beautiful blue indeed. I like old painted original painted furniture. When I can find it. Thanks for sharing..Julian

  3. What a beautiful display!!!! I am so glad that it found a final home with you where I KNOW without a doubt it will be loved!!! Sorry it wasn't as inexpensive as it could have been, but at least it was still obtainable. It's a treasure for sure and with the blue paint?!?! Yep, you did good!!!

    Have a great week!



  4. yeah for you...You did real good..Its always great when stuff comes back to you and for a great price..we love when that happens.

  5. The blue cupboard is yummy. The garland of flowers is very unusual and pretty. Lovely displays, thanks for showing us.

  6. Ooooh, I love that twisty flower garland!! So unique.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am just so pleased when someone will take the time to do it!!


  7. Love that cabinet. I just love things like this.


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