Friday, October 15, 2010

And A Classic Farm Auction

Last weekend in addition to going to one of my favorite Church Rummage Sales, I also attending a rarity in Lake County, Illinois~ a Farm Auction.

And not just any old farm auction, a farm auction of a 96 year old lifetime auction devotee who over the years bought everything.... and I mean everything... that other people didn't buy at every farm auction in the area.

I controlled myself. I ONLY stocked up on two of the staples of my etsy shop.

Vintage clothespins of all kinds.

Vintage zinc Ball jar lids.

AND... I enjoyed going to the auction more than just the shopping.

I went for the restful farm atmosphere. lovely autumn weather, great farm wife food stand, and informed and interesting farmer bidders.

My maternal grandfather and great uncles were all farmers in Indiana so I loved everything about this day in the country!

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  1. Hi Joan, I just happend to find you today. What a fun post.
    I would LOVE to have a big old ball jar full of old clothspins. It must have been fun going through all the "old stuff"!
    I'm off to enjoy more of your fabulous blog!

  2. Hi Joan...
    I know exactly how you felt...I love old auctions like that although I haven't been to one in a very long time. Love your take homes...
    Congrats on the great control!


  3. gotta love those clothespins and of course I love your etsy shop!

  4. Gosh! You were so good...don't know if I would have had that much self control!!!
    My farm roots are from Iowa. I'd LOVE to go to an old fashion farm sale again!

  5. How did you control yourself only buying two of your staple items? I don't think I would have had the self control. The volume of clothespins you pictured is amazing!!

  6. What are you going to do with all those things? I know all about the use of both. Never saw so many in one place.

  7. Joan what a great score for the shop!! I bet it was fun to just be at the auction and the farm.

  8. The last farm auction we went to I bought a truck...yep and my husband thought I was nuts! but we're still using it 4 yrs later!
    Boy understanding those auctioneers ain't easy either:))

  9. So glad you enjoyed yourself. I never grew up in the country however I am determined to move there. I grew up in CT and lived there my whole life until this time last year. I moved out to Ohio...we are currently in an apartment, but I'm not settling for anything other the a truly rural area when we go to buy a house.

    There is something special and peaceful about a farm and anything "old fashioned"

  10. Sounds like a similar day here in Lancaster County! We love going to those too. I'm curious about the zinc lids...what do you do with them?

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  11. hi joan,

    clothespins and lids! my kind of stuff!

    happy fall ~


  12. Hi Joan
    Man, that sounds like a fun day...
    I am headed for farm country as I sit here in the car, taking a road trip with my mom to her home state SouthDakota. Nothing but wheat fields for miles, looking forward to the Black Hills and DeadWood should be fun.
    Love all the clothes pins !

  13. Joan- Just found your blog and love all your finds. So many wonderful things. Very Inspiring.

  14.! Talk about a dream sale! Lucky duck!

  15. wow, i wish we had farm auctions like that here in are sooo lucky over there in the states...flea markets that look to die for! sigh..ah seeing your gorgeous finds :)
    thanks for sharing
    ciao :)
    jessie x


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