Thursday, October 21, 2010

Instant Collection of Vintage Faucet Handles

Do you have any projects for which vintage faucet handles would be perfect ?

I have made it easy for you by offering instant groups of 4 for your finger-shopping-pleasure.

I will keep relisting groups until they are gone.

When they are ALL gone I will let you know here.

here is a link to all the faucet handles in my etsy shop.

If you have been waiting to buy these spools.... black and empty... that I bought at the Estate Sale of the seamstress sisters~ don't wait any longer. They are almost all gone!

Vintage spools with black thread. SOLD OUT!

Vintage empty spools. SOLD OUT!

It is almost the weekend and time to search for new items for you.

anythinggoeshere on etsy


  1. I have no need for any of these, but I am sure you will have no problem selling them. You do not find them just anywhere.

  2. What a wonderful blog and posting. We use a few faucet handles that look old. Never throw them out...sometimes they are hard to find at the hardware store. The spools are neat too.

  3. They're really cool. And even have color.

  4. I just ordered group 3....I love them, especially the pink one. I know I will have a brainstorm for them as soon as I get them!
    can't wait,

  5. I hope I get to see what people do with the faucets...interesting!

  6. So happy to have found your blog...what great groupings of vintage finds!! :-)

  7. I wish I had room...those are very cool. Esp. together, of course. I echo someone who said I hope we get to see what someone does with them.

  8. I like all the vintage spools! And I was hopeing you were going to host a vintage Halloween party. The others you hosted were always so fun to see and join in on also. But Im sure they are a lot of work to set up. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Have a good day....Julian


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