Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am so honored! My interview with Laura from 52Flea.

Laura from 52Flea and I have been blogging friends since we both started blogging about a year and a half ago.

Recently she interviewed me about my experiences as a new Etsy seller.

By the way, Laura is The Inspiration Studio's Roving Flea Market Reporter.

Thank you so much Laura! It was a fun interview!
You did a great job taking my rambling email responses, and cutting them down to crisp answers!!!!

(These Victorian porcelain tacks were one of listings Laura purchased from me.)

To see some of her purchases, and visit her wonderful blog go to 52Flea.

To read our interview go to The Inspiration Studio.

Here is what The Inspiration Studio is all about~~~~~

the inspiration~studio is:
all about inspiring others to live a juicy creative life.
it's about spreading kindness & encouragement.
it's about showcasing the inspired work of amazing talents all over the blogosphere.

To see my new etsy shop that we are talking about in the interview, go to

Thank you again, Laura. I am so honored!


  1. Hi Joan-thanks so much for visiting and for telling me about the problem with my blog. I will definately check with other readers. I've had sonme background problems with people not seeing, so I don't know what is going on.
    Also I love your etsy (ordered the iron flowers) and love your blog!
    thanks again,

  2. Congrats to you...very exciting!

  3. joan,
    this is a great interview...especially for those of us who want to start an etsy shop but are clueless. you've given us some basic info. to get us started. thanks for doing the legwork!
    judi ;)

  4. Great interview Joan. I know for me just shipping out the magazine is all I can handle. Too many unknowns about shipping bigger items.
    Mags just arrived today so better get back to work.
    Glad your etsy shop is doing well!

  5. Hi Joan, Loved the interview by Laura. You both have inspirational blogs that I always enjoy. Now I know who to contact if I ever decide to do Etsy!


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