Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy Breezy Christmas Decorating

For the last couple of weeks I have really concentrated on lightening up...lightening up how much stuff I have, how hard I work, and how much effort and concern I have been putting into my antiques business and even lightening up on the amount of time I spend blogging...

When people left my booth this weekend my intention was that they also could lighten up their lives... and feel free to decorate in a simple and natural way..using what they have, seeing imperfect and ordinary things in a different way...

There is already so much stress around the holidays, and now with the economic concerns....we could give ourselves permission to decorate in a simple and inexpensive way.

These are old tie boxes on an Estate Sale tree.

This is a cheap plastic wreath.

A red wire basket that I have had for years.

A white floral basket with greens from the curbside...someone recently trimmed their bushes..and I came by and here they are again....instead of in the landfill. We compost in my community so they will end up with a good afterlife.

Another flower basket..missing its insert, more rescued greens and crabapples from my yard.

And the one "over the top item" old battery box...not so inexpensive...with some of my blue and green ornaments on a bed of clothespins.

What is your approach for the holidays this year? I read all of your comments and love to hear what you think!!!!!!!


  1. Joan, you are the hardest working woman in blogland! Glad to hear you're lightening your load a little. I would hate for you to get burned out, and not want to blog anymore. You're such a great source of ideas for so many people, that you would be greatly missed!
    This year I'm actually going all out on Christmas decorations! Last year, we put up the tree and nobody felt like decorating it! That WILL NOT happen this year!

  2. Hi Joan,
    It will definitely be simple at our house this year....of course, like you...I have a lifetime of collections to fall back on...more decorations than I could ever use. 2010 will be my year to clean out...get organized and lighten you say.

  3. keep things simple and enjoy the season. spend time with those you love... love your blog...

  4. I am concentrating on using what I have and passing on things that I don't use. It feels good to clear out a little. Love all of your ideas. Hugs, Marty

  5. Every year I say I'm going to lighten my load and simplify Christmas but when the time comes I seem to get caught up with going all out. I don't mind getting everything out before the holiday but I hate to put it all away (and that's when I'm typically griping about not doing it again the next year)!
    We'll see what happens this year!

  6. Probably the same things I do every year! I think?

  7. Hey Joan,
    I think we all go through this, one year, we will push it over the top, the next... not so much... For me, this year, will be over the top! Or at least more than I did last year... I just love the feeling of Christmas... Do what ever you feel, but do.... You are way too creative of a Soul, to be 'sparse'. Slow down...enjoy the Season...
    Barb C.

  8. I am certainly cutting back on shopping, I hope I can stick to it. I have already ordered some stuff on-line and plan to give money... everyone likes $$$$$. Love all of your decorations:) Have a "light" day!

  9. Oh my word, I have so been on a "lightening up" kick. I even asked my hubby if we could skip the tree this year because it is just too stressful to decorate. (I know, Scrooge.) We decided on a very small tree with minimal decorations and I am so happy about that!

  10. i reuse everything, just move it around or paint it a different color. :)

  11. I must admit that I don't stress out during the Holidays. I have 2 artificial trees (don't like the idea of carrying a tree in and out the house every year), I enjoy decorating them. Following an Argentinian tradition, I put them up on Dec. 8th and take them down after January 6. There is 9 of us each year, my Sis takes one day
    :Dec. 24th dinner or Dec. 25th late lunch and I take the other. I stay away from malls!!!!!! (that alone will take my stress level down!!!)
    But the best thing we have done for a few years is to take a trip during Christmas: we spend the same $ but have a lot more fun and family memories!

  12. Joan,
    Love this have the right idea. Keep it simple and cozy. We use the old ornaments that have meaning to us, and Emma makes pancakes the night we decorate the tree. It's a family tradition.
    Happy Holiday Season to all!

  13. Hi Joan,
    Great post...always good to be thought provoking! I am actually useing a tree that I stole curb side last year. I left to dry out and will remove the needles and use the skeleton of the tree painted rad. I will fill it with vintage Shiny Brite ornaments!


  14. A great post ! I have always kept Christmas simple at my home , I have used vintage Christmas finds to decorate with or use things that I have made, I also dont like to get caught up in the gift's I give , I try to keep them more practical or hand crafted. Simple is a good thing !! Loved all of your treasures!
    The Little Things

  15. This is such a great topic you have here. We do keep it simple here at any holiday, but Christmas can become so stressful. To just be thankful for our family and know how blessed we are where others have so little. It helps to stay focused when you come up on a great topic like this. Thanks

  16. I have a ton of Christmas stuff, so I won't have to buy anything. This will be our third year traveling for the holidays, so decorating is different than it used to be. I still put things out, but not nearly as much since no one is here to enjoy it.

  17. Little by little I pare back my Christmas decor...I'll never be "simple" but I'd be happy if I could "simplify". ;o)

  18. I am just finishing up with White Wednesday from last week. I've been sick. I love your red metal basket and those cloths pins. I remember hanging cloths on the line when I was young. I used a newer pin put I helped my mom do it every week in the summer.

    cindy @stitches

  19. Hi Joan~ I need to lighten up too. I baked cookies instead of working overtime! What a nice break it was. Hope you get a break too.

  20. I was looking forward to really going crazy decorating this year, but now that we figured out that we need to plans have changed.

    (Crazy for me means actually putting up a tree by the way, LOL)


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