Friday, November 6, 2009

Vintage Black Friday

In the past I collected vintage hats and
all the things that went along with them
...hat boxes, hat flowers, hat stands.

I have since sold most everything in the collection....

Except these black and white vintage hat boxes!

Do you have any collections that you lost interest in and have now gotten rid of or sold???

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  1. These are gorgeous. I don't have any collections I have totally abandoned, but I have really downsized on some things- vintage pottery and purses. Still love both and occasionally acquire another vintage piece, but did sell quite a bit and turn down more than I used to!

  2. Hi Joan,
    LOVE these hatboxes! LOVE em. I have too many collections....can't part with anything yet...regret everything I have ever sold...
    My name is Laura, I'm a hoarder.
    Have a good weekend! :)

  3. I wish I would start losing interest and start simplifying. Tell me though...that you do have these lovely hat boxes displayed for everyone to see...don't you?

  4. I love the hat boxes! I collect Santas and have a huge collection. Although I haven't downsized the collection (yet) I don't display them all anymore and I haven't added to the collection in the past few years.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I used to be very interested in antiques and then I became much more interested in "new" things. It is funny how I have finally settled into a place where I like a mix of both. I collected antique cookie jars for a time and I had a huge vintage Fiestaware collection. Both are gone now. I kept my grandmother's cookie jar and 2 other favorites.

    I love the black and white hatboxes...very chic.

  6. Love your black and white hat boxes! I have a few myself. I go through cycles of collecting and then ridding, but usually sooner or later regret what I give away.

  7. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these hatboxes!!! I'll have to keep an eye out for them at the local antique shop!!

    I too go through cycles of collecting and then giving away/selling. So far the only things I've regretted giving away are my entire collection of Nancy Drew Books (vintage from when I was a child) and my Barbies. Dumb dumb dumb . .

    I moved a lot and so each time I moved I would leave things behind . . . .

    Happy VBF!


  8. Hi Joan your hatboxes are gorgeous! I'm in the place now where I have so many "collections" they are about to overwhelm me. Not ready to let them go, just know I don't need any more!

  9. Those hat boxes are fabulous Joan! I got tired of all the Jadite Fire King that I collected, and had sitting in cabinets, so I sold most of it on Ebay. I regret selling a few pieces, but I made a tidy sum!
    Have a good weekend!

  10. The hat boxes are just gorgeous. There are so many beautiful ones, I sure don't need another collection though. Hugs, Marty

  11. gorgeous hat boxes - i gave away my books to make room for my scrapbook obsession :D

  12. I love the graphics on hatboxes. You have some beautiful pieces there and great for decorative storage.

  13. Stunning hat boxes! As a child I collected so much - fans, paper weights and model sheep, mainly. I sorted through the collections when I had my own children and needed more space. I gave the 'ordinary' examples to the charity shop and just kept my favourite, better quality pieces.

  14. Great hat boxes! I havent abandoned any of my collections but I have stopped collecting them. I was going crazy for awhile with vintage glass and porcelain hand-shaped trinket dishes. Once I realized I had a gazillion of them I stopped searching for more.

  15. My problem is that I NEVER get rid of anything:) I love the hatboxes! Have a blessed day!

  16. Dear Joan
    These are drop dead beautiful!! I LOVE them... love love love

    A few years ago I gave away half my furniture. Lounges etc but sadly also my grandmothers furniture and a vintage cupboard i had rescued from the rain and then dragged with me from home to home for over 20 years. I now miss the little cupboard most and see it whenever i visit my friend's house. I did though keep all the mirrors that went with my grandmother's furniture. I should post on them one day.

    Meanwhile I love these hatboxes and if you are ever thinking of discarding them... they would LOVE a little trip to Australia... hehe

    Take care... back to the grind xx Julie

  17. Wow, those hat boxes are works of art! And each one is so interesting. What a conversation piece in a room for certain.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS #4!

    Funky Junk Donna

  18. Such wonderful hats! The only collection I so regret is 100's of pieces of Currier and Ives China by Royal....stashed now in boxes while I try to figure out what to do with them.....any suggestions?
    Not exactly my cup of tea anymore.
    Happy VBF!

  19. Belle collection!

    bon dimanche


  20. So pretty ... and your photographs show them off so well! Nice job!! I am at the point of having to many collections ... and they happen by chance, I but one then before you know it I have 20 ... I can't say I collect anything super special to me ... I love ALL of it!!


    second thought ... my mannequins are special to me ....

  21. I love the graphics on your hat boxes. I have too many basket, I need to downsize my collection...

  22. those hat boxes are so pretty!! this past summer i went on a vintage electric fan spree, but i did downsize recently...i kept only the three fans that really truly love! it's hard- i'm always afraid i'm going to regret it someday, but then if i keep that philosophy, i'll become one of those hoarders that dies beneath a pile of stuff! :-)

  23. Well I can certainly see why you kept those hatboxes. They are FABULOUS!!! Maureen

  24. Love those vintage hat boxes!!

    Enjoying my visit here!


    barbara jean

  25. I collected those vintage ceramic spice sets. You know the ones? Lots of color, pretty little wooden shelves? One day, I spent what felt like a fortune on a European all wood example. That was it. I lost interest. I have never bought another one, and eventually took everything down. They're stored. Wonder why that happened. Odd.


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