Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Favorites from Monday's Vintage Christmas

While visiting the participants of Vintage Christmas Monday yesterday I was struck by the love and care that people took in their choices and the writing of their posts.

It was clear to me that this blog party inspired people... bringing back fond and joyous memories of their's and other's past Christmases.

Thank you so much everyone who participated in and visited our first Monday Vintage Christmas party.

And here are some of my favorites.

Sue Bee's darling vintage ceramic Santa
found in a thrift shop and lovingly brought home.

A family treasure Pepsi Santa that
Cottage State of Mind risked life
and limb to get a picture of for her post.

Recent flea market finds that Laura of 52 flea included
in her lovely post.

And Gypsy Brocante's Vintage Santa who is enjoying
both being out year round and his World Wide Web 15 minutes of fame.


  1. Love all of those vintage treasures! Have a blessed day and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It's a hit! The first VCM was a fun party, great job Joan!! I'm already looking for some of my stash to share for next week ...

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Help! I'm trapped under boxes in the back of the attic! If I make it out of here, I promise to show my stuff next VCM!!!:)

  4. This is so cool...vintage Christmas Mondays! Love your vintage Santa's and now I'm off to find more VCM's! Thanks so much for sharing! Coralie

  5. Hello Joan, that was sooo much fun! It stirred up so many beautiful memories and I am so happy to see so many others who love their vintage Christmas treasures as much as I do! Love to you... BIsous... Julie Marie

  6. Joan,
    This is a great idea for a party. Thanks for getting me listed. I got my actual Vintage Christmas Monday post up later last evening than I had hoped but by the time I dug out my vintage stocking (how come it's always in the last container you look in!!) Monday was almost over!
    No worries....I found all my other vintage goodies while I was digging for the stocking so I will be ready bright and early next Monday :-)
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Thanks so much for starting this party Joan! I had so much fun looking at everyone's treasures, and discovering some great blogs too. Can't wait 'til next Monday!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    Lovely Post here.....I actually didn't get my chance yesterday to get mine up..so im gonna work really hard to get mine done:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. You sure did make my day! Thanks for putting my Santa on your blog. This is so much fun!

  10. You sure did make my day! Thanks for putting my Santa on your blog. This is so much fun!

  11. Thanks Joan, looking forward to next Monday....julie

    Love you Santa's

  12. I would love to be included in your Vintage Christmas Monday ~ collecting vintage Christmas has been a passion of mine for many years! Thanks Judi


  13. Lovely Christmas goodies! They just don't make 'em like that anymore.
    Add me to your holiday list, too!
    See you soon,

  14. Hi, Joan! SO glad I found your fabulous blog today--how have I missed it?! I'm a vintage loving girl through and through! I'm your newest follower, and will be back often! Off to check out Vintage Christmas Monday!

  15. I can't wait to join your party when I get out the decorations in a few days...I love vintage Christmas finds and can't wait to share.

  16. sorry I was late!!! I posted today...but will do my best to be on time in the future! love your blog!

  17. These really make me wish I'd gotten my hands on more things of my grandparents. Luckily, I kept a few...but the posts of others bring back great memories of things on my grandma's tree.


  18. Thanks for setting this up...it sure is fun to meet vintage bloggers, feeds my vintage passion. I'm not even sure I have gotten to them all, but working on it and having fun.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving day.

  19. Love this idea and have added your button to my blog! This will be one of the few times in my life when I can not wait for Monday!

  20. I so wanted to participate. I took pictures of some of them last night but I wasn't happy with them. I hope to get it together next Monday! Loved the tree....it looks like one of the ones I refuse to sell. Can't get them anymore and they hold heavy ornaments great!
    Hope all is well,


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