Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vintage Black Friday~ Antique Clock Face

For today's Vintage Black Friday I want to share one of my favorite things. Many years ago I bought this clock face..yes, I only have the face... from a collector moving to warmer winters...

I never tire of looking at it...

It makes me happy ever time I look at it...

It was NOT a curbside find or EVEN a bargain....

Do you have things like that?

Things you HAD to have?

Or on the other hand~ are there things that you wanted... didn't buy and ALWAYS have regretted not buying?


  1. That is a pretty one :-) My old grandfather has a porcelain on metal face that I love! Ironically, my regret involves a clock...


  2. How wonderful, I would love to see the clock casing. It looks detailed and really old. love the birds, gorgeous!

  3. That really is a very special clock face. I think my only kind of crazy 'must have' was a blanket chest which was wonderfully piratical, with a curved top and quite a lot of studs (possibly not original). I saw it in an antique market in Carlisle when I was in my 20s and rang my mum rather urgently to see if she would buy it for my birthday. She did and it is still at the foot of our bed, although currently housing WIP rather than blankets (with a family, we have more bedding than we used to!) I am ridiculously happy to have recalled that moment - thanks for prompting me!

  4. I do so love that clock face:) Don't 'cha wonder how many people have looked at it to see what time it is? I mostly regret buying something only for a day or two and then break down and go back. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn't. The best thing to do is just buy it the first time:) Have a blessed day!

  5. Ahh Joan, I have had both! A couple of beautiful chandeliers of unusual design that I should have picked up but regretably didn't! And had I have been you - I would have bought the clock face too. I still have some posessions like that is my garage, that make me smile each time I look at them. I just have to find the space for them inside so that they are valued, and not hidden in the midst of beautiful clutter!

  6. You mean there are things that I don't need to have? I always blur the line between wants & needs.

    I love the clock face. You were right in not passing it by.

    And yes, there are lots of things that I've wanted & did not buy & have regretted. And then there are things that I just had to have & bought and have regretted. But mostly not.

    I'm terrible to buy for at Christmas (someone else buying for me), as when I shop for others, I see stuff I want, and I buy it out of fear that it won't be around for someone else to buy for me. That way, I don't miss out. But then that leaves nothing for anyone else to buy for me.

    This year will be different as I don't have the money to buy stuff I see for me that I want or need to have.

  7. Beautiful. In answer to your question, there are things I wanted and passed on - later regretting that decision. Oh yes. There are also a few things that I wanted desperately and eventually got - I have never regretted buying them.

  8. lovely photo! yep, there have been things that i regretted not buying...but i like to think of it as my "gift" to the next shopper! *big wink*

  9. The clock face is wonderful. And, yes, I have let a fw things get away.
    My biggest regret was leaving behind several things in the old farm house after my Mom passed away.

  10. Oh yes...many regrets on leaving things behind. One of the best things that I bought because I knew I would mourn forever if I did not, was a set of iron gates from Nottingham, England. They are in my home between the living and family room and there's never been a day that I have regretted or missed the money spent on them.


  11. Hi Joan,
    I can see why you love this clock face so is lovely..the birds make it special!
    No regrets!
    :) Laura

  12. It's a beautiful old clock face..I would like to see how you have it displayed....

  13. I love this beautiful old clock face. The birds and the coloring make it just so special. It looks rather large, is it? Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Joan,
    The birds on that clock are what makes it special to me...and I'm sure you too. Gosh I'm sure there are things I regret but I can usually move along fine without it. Oh maybe that dresser that I saw at Brimfield this year. It's on my blog now so I'll always be reminded on it! darn blog:))

  15. Oh love the new background color too!

  16. It's very pretty, no wonder you like it. I really like the birds on it too....Christine

  17. Oh, yes, ALL the time, so now if something REALLY calls to me and it's reasonably within my budget (and sometimes even if it isn't, shhhh, don't tell my hubby) I bring it home with me!

    Love the clock face! For some reason I'm really into clocks lately!

    Loved your post!

    Happy VBF!

  18. It's easy to see why you love this clock face. Makes one wonder about the case this charmer was in.
    Yes, indeed, I have some things I passed on and still think about, but I live my life without regrets. I always figure it just wasn't meant to be. I've been blessed with so much. Thanks for sharing this treasure! ~ Sarah

  19. beautiful clock face I can understand why you had to have it ... love the sweet birds on it.

    Regrets? Hmmm.... I'm going to think about that.


  20. What a BEAUTIFUL!!! clock face. I love thing that have lot character. Everything about it this WONDERFUL!!!
    I hate when I see something and don't buy it and when I get home I start thinking about it. The regret start in and sometime I'll go back the next day to see if it's there and buy it. If it not I say it just wasn't suppose to go home with me and maybe someone else will enjoy it more than I would have.
    THANKS!!! for sharing.

  21. That's a great idea seeing that I love vintage Christmas and I'd really like to play along. My first vintage Christmas post is up already and I'll post the next one next Monday.

    Warmest wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany sends you
    P.S. I love that old clock face, I so hope to find one too, but they are very hard to come by here.

  22. I hope it's not too late to join? I've only just found your blog.
    Judy @ daily yarns 'n more


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