Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Few Favorites from Monday's Vintage Christmas~ Week 2

First, some Vintage Christmas fun facts from my past:

In the 1950's my parents owned Sherrick's Home and Garden Shop in Beverly Shores, Indiana where they sold the kinds of items that are being featured in the Vintage Christmas Monday's posts.

I went with my mom to Ben's Wholesale Supply Company in Chicago many times while she shopped for product. The first time I was barely tall enough to peak over the table tops at all the sparkly and glittery things! It was heaven! My love of Christmas stuff started right there!

My dad had a spray booth in our stockroom to flock real trees. Mostly white, but sometimes PINK. I loved the pink trees best!

I started helping Christmas customers when I was 10 years old for 10 cents an hour~ and, yes, I had to keep track of my hours on a timesheet.

Now on to some of the many wonderful things that were in yesterday's Vintage Christmas Monday posts!

A wonderful vintage light bulb wreath from GeorgiaPeachez.

A view of her lovely German home from Welcome to Boxwood Cottage

Part of her extensive collection of Putz houses from Idyllhours.

A wonderful vintage soap suds snowman from Peggy's Mixed-Up Art.

One of her collection of Christmas Tree artwork form Thrifty Style at Sixty.

And the fun display of Christmasy vintage plaid jackets form One Gal's Trash.

The variety of the posts were amazing~ unique, sweet, fun, heartwarming, clever, sentimental and LOL. They had it all.


  1. Sleeping on the sofa at 7pm! Me too. I have to tell you this is the best. Thanks again for doing it. I enjoy it. I'm asleep at 7pm because I get up at 4am to read all this. But that's ok with me! Enjoy your day.

  2. Love the story, I felt as if I was there. Sweet:) Love all the vintage goodies! Have a blessed day!

  3. No wonder you love "vintage",AND I can believe your hostessing duties wore you out! You are the ideal hostess, Joan. Rest up!

  4. What a great story, seems you have Christmas in your blood. Thanks for a fun party and am looking forward to the next.

  5. looking forward to visiting more today...love your early history of shopgal working in her parents store and then on to her own!

    that wreath of christmas bulbs, thats quite creative!

  6. Hi Joan, and thanks for another wonderful Vintage Christmas Monday... I had so much fun... thanks too for sharing the history behind your love of everything vintage Christmas... how fun that sounds! I love to hear about someone else who started collecting as a child! Thank you also for featuring some of my little Putz houses on your post today... everyone had the most precious treasures and memories posted... I think I love sharing their memories most of all! Love to you... can't wait 'till next Monday! Bisous... Julie Marie

  7. You really are the hostess with the mostest! What a special memory of you working in your parent's shop. Family businesses are wonderful. I hope my daughters, who have worked in my shop with me, have some pleasant memories of their time spent their.

    VCM was fun. See you next week.

    Second Hand Chic

  8. Thanks for sharing your story about your parent's shop. Those are special memories.
    I really enjoy sharing some of my vintage Christmas memories.
    Thanks for being a great hostess!

  9. Your sweet story reveals so much of why you do what you do. Charming to read.
    When I saw the shirts on her post, I nearly fell out of my chair. I loved 'em.

  10. Gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing these, Joan! I intended to join in yesterday, but didn't quite get my decorating done this weekend--I'll hop on board next Monday!

    What a beautiful childhood you must have had! To be surrounded by all that wonderful stuff--lucky you! Hope you have a wonderful day...rest up! Happy December!

  11. Joan,
    I feel like I have been to Sherrick's Home and Garden and Garden Shop. I met the cutest little 10 year old there who loves pink flocked trees. I wanted to buy something just so she would wait on me. Thanks for taking us all back in time.

  12. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for the shout out! Love all the other party girls' photos!
    Thanks too for the story from your childhood. So sweet. Once my dad got my sister and I 2 small flocked trees...Kathy's was blue and mine was PINK! I wish I had photos from that Christmas. Your party gets better every week. Keep your feet up today! Can't wait for next Monday.
    P.S. I just posted part 3 of the vintage Christmas triology. Enjoy!

  13. Hi...like to see the 2:42 am post time...I'm a night owl too. Love everyone's vintage stuff.

  14. Hello Joan!
    Thank you for featuring the photo of my living room Christmas decorations! So glad that you like it! :)
    Oh I can imagine that visiting all the blogs and commenting everywhere was very tiring for you.
    I'm just half through all the participants blogs yet.
    I wish you a happy first December week!

  15. No wonder you are hosting Vintage Christmas Monday. Your love for all things Christmas started at an early age. Such a wonderful memory! Love the German home! Lots of wonderful entries. What fun! Best wishes to you, :) Tammy

  16. I'm really glad you are doing a "favorites" post, as it is just impossible to read every blog I want to these days. I love that wreath idea. You have some great memories from your parent's shop...I think flocked trees are the best. We had a gorgeous live white one a few years back-it was my favorite tree ever!


  17. So it's not surprising at all that you love vintage stuff, because it all started for you at such a young age! That must have been so much fun working in your parents' shop. Thanks for hosting this great party, and now go have a well-deserved rest!
    Happy 1st Day of December!

  18. i really enjoyed yesterday's party -- i spent sooooooo much time on looking at everyone's different post - i was addicted yesterday! so glad to have participated and looking forward to next monday!

  19. What a sweet collection and sweeter memories!
    I am lookinging forward to Mondays!
    Thanks for putting my snow guy there too!!!

  20. Thanks for including one of the vintage paintings from my post, Joan. What fun to be included here!

  21. Hi Joan, what wonderful memories. I would love to have a pink flocked real tree today! xo, suzy

  22. Joan,
    You did a great job as the hostess. I was wondering if you still live in Indiana. I grew up there and all of my family still lives there. I live in Michigan now. Was great fun to participate. Thanks

  23. Hi Joan,
    Thank you for stopping by! I am so glad I signed up for Vintage Christmas Monday. Didn't know it would be so much fun!
    See you next week,

  24. Joan, this is such a fun event. It's a delight to see all the vintage ornaments and Christmas decor that folks have. I love that so many actually decorate their trees with their vintage ornaments. Thanks for hosting this fun event! ~ Sarah

  25. my first time - and i loved it - it felt so good to see all the comments - thank you so much - sure would be nice to keep Christmas all year long ..

    love your blog and all that you do ..

    thank you!

    troy & rod

  26. Hi Joan,
    I loved hearing about your childhood, I would have been entranced with that family store as a youngster! I am with you on the exhaustion! Still trying to catch up on other's vintage posts. This is a wonderful party!
    :) Laura

  27. Fun to read your post today - that wreath with the bulbs is so cute - amazing craft ideas from the past....

  28. Thanks for stopping by to lend support for girls, Joan. I wish I could join in but I might not be able to this year. However, I will stop by for a drink every Monday (if that's OK:)


  29. As a vintage Christmas collector myself,I'm really enjoying your Vintage Christmas Mondays!!! Can't believe you were from Beverly Shores, I live in LaPorte! Small world!!


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