Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few favorites from Vintage Christmas Monday~ Number 4

Today I am going to share some of my favorites from this week's Vintage Christmas Monday...

but first I am going to share another of my vintage christmas treasures.

At an Estate Sale I was able to buy thousands of these little matchbook sized boxes of Vintage Christmas SEALS {What we now call stickers.} from the 1940's.

You can see the seals inside some of the boxes.

And on to some of my favorites from this week's party.

Some vintage kindergarten artwork from Peggy's Mixed Up Art.

You can see the milk carton peaking out from under the house. Look at the cute snowman.

Look at this collection of vintage santas from Paint, Decorate, and Design on the Cheap.

Wonderful Knee-huggers and friends on a white tree from Georgia Peachez.

What a wonderful alternate "tree" to decorate in your front yard from My Grama's Soul.


  1. I didn't realize that stickers were made during that period, how cool! And, so pretty.
    I'll go check out a few of the other posts as well.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Love the Christmas seals Joan... we always called them seals not stickers too... and we used them to seal our wrapped packages with instead of tape... the Mondays went so fast! I am excited for the party Monday but so sad it will be over... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I love your stickers. This has been one of my favorite "parties" even though I didn't participate. I have loved seeing your post of favorites. My in-laws were at my house last week and saw my small assortment of my grandparent's ornaments. My MIL said they had "lots of very old Christmas things stored" and I immediately said...I want them! Now, I can't wait to see what treasures I might find!


  4. Love the stickers! Well, the licker stickers.... oh my we have come a far way even with stickers!Thanks for sharing the other pics too...

  5. Got to love the old vehicle lighted up!
    Looking forward to still visiting those I havent gotten to.
    Excited for this weeks Vintage monday too...I know everyone is holding the best for last.
    I gain something from each blog I visit...hope you are keeping your bloglist up all year?

  6. Joan, I am having so much fun participating in your vintage Christmas Monday. Everyone has such unique & cool stuff. Love your stickers! All the best, Lori

  7. I almost bought a ziplock bag full of those stickers yesterday at an antique store. But I didn't, and I'm actually proud of myself that I showed some restraint!
    Have a great weekend Joan, and I'll see you for VCM!

  8. What a treasure you found!!! So glad it didn't get lost!!!
    Thanks for putting my "boys" art here!!!!

  9. Oh you lucky gal ~ I love the little stickers/seal and you seem to have gotten a little of all they had to offer. Judi

  10. I love those seals! How cool.

    Beautiful collections.


  11. Joan, the vintage Santa collection totally stole my heart! Thanks for spotlighting these posts.


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