Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...Tied up with string

I am still working elf-like getting ready for the holiday..

Dreaming up Christmas glitz...

Waiting to see if the BIG snow storm hits here...

Drinking coffee...

Catching up
with the rest of the Vintage Christmas Monday posts...

Loving the colors of these old ornaments...

Michaels had cinnamon scented pinecones on sale so now it even SMELLS like Christmas!

What about you? What are you UP TO today?


  1. i do love the cinnamon scented pinecones, too! i "dipped" mine in white latex paint and thought that i had ruined the scent - but once the paint dried, they have smelled wonderful again:) there are a couple on my white wednesday post today.


  2. Good Morning Joan...
    I love these beautiful Christmas ornaments you have shared. They are so pretty tied up with strings.

    I am trying to get the last of my decorations completed. I still have 4 trees to finish decorating, but I am getting closer to finishing.

    Yesterday we dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles and some in coconut. Turned out wonderful.

    Loving the holiday sweetie. Please stop by and say hi. I love the company. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. Those ornaments are so pretty! I'm decorating and enjoying the day. The sun is out and I am feeling blessed.

  4. j'adore cette odeur de Noël!!

    bonne soirée


  5. I finished my Christmas cards, my sister is coming in a little while to pick up the gifts for her family as we leave next week to head south for Christmas. I'm looking through cookbooks to plan something for our Christmas with our son, little grandsons and my husband's parents on Saturday. The boys would love it if I just had mac and cheese and grapes (they are 1 and almost 3) but the in-laws might want a bit more!


  6. Beautiful Ornaments!

    Have a lovely day,

  7. Your ornaments are lovely! Very quaint. I bought cinnamon scented pinecones last year...well actually my daughter bought them for me..such a sweetie. anyhoo..they weren't as strong this year, duh. I recented them with cinnamon refresher oil. They are now yummy again!!
    Today I'm catching up on my blogging too, and trying to keep warm! But loving the winter:~)

  8. Hi Joan, what pretty ornaments! We are pretty much snowed in today... I do believe I made it to everyone on Monday! Thanks again for the party... I am ready for this coming Monday too! A cup of coffee does sound good right now! Bisous... Julie Marie

  9. The snow is falling like crazy, and the temps are dropping! I made Christmas Corgi Cookies today - with butter creme frosting on them!!! Pretty tastey! Put some chili in a pot to cook - a new venison recipe! Its a good day to stay indoors!!!

  10. Hi Joan !
    You always have the greatest things !

  11. The ornaments are wonderful. I'd love to see that little bell ornament and how you did that. It looks so cute. I've been seeing lots of red and white around blogland this year. So festive!

  12. Just got back from doing some Christmas shopping! We got very little snow here, but I think you probably got more up there. Isn't the wind fun today? It looks like a battlefield in the yard, with all of the decorations blown over! That box of ornaments is lovely!

  13. I really like the colors in those ornamanets too. I wanted to pop in since it's been a while. I hope you are enjoying this holiday sesaon.


  14. Hi Joan,
    Love those ornaments...I picked up a box of shiny brites at the thrift store near work at lunchtime today.
    Take care, Laura

  15. Today I'm plowing through expense reports for 30 traveling engineers and working a department PC Migration. In between, I read snatches of my favorite blogs like Anything Goes Here. Sea Witch

  16. I'm in AZ so I'm afraid I can't attend your show - But I wish I could. You have such pretty things.



  17. I like the smell of the scented pinecones, but my nose burns and get a headache if around them to long.
    Drop by - having a giveaway.

  18. Hi Joan
    Christmas is just not Christmas for me without cinnamon sticks. My niece thinks cinnamon is made purely for Auntie Julie's Christmas.. must be why I not quite in the Christmas mood yet.. although all your vintage xmas post are so delightful... I really need to find some so I can join in on this fun!!

    Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  19. Those ornaments are very pretty! I too love the scent of cinnamon very much.

  20. Wow,these are really beautiful!!! :D

  21. Hi Joan, I love vintage glass ornaments and will continue to look for them throughout the coming year. You've been a busy girl lately...
    Today I am going to lunch with a fellow blogger who lives under 10 minutes from me. We met in the spring and have become fast friends since. I am finally done decorating, even though I had to forego putting up one last tree. Oh well, there is always next year and 7 are more than plenty for this year!
    ~ Merry, Merry ~ Sue


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