Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Favorite Vintage Bottle Brush Tree

I found this little 14" vintage bottle brush tree around 20 years ago.

Of course, it was in a basement at an Estate Sale... that is often where the Vintage Christmas stuff is..

That or one of the bedrooms... or attic.

I am always on the lookout~ all year long~ for Vintage Christmas.

All of the ornaments and candle holders were on it when I found it.

Including these teeny Santas

And this cute little basket of spun cotton fruit.

{It is sitting in front of an oil painting of fruit with some of my antique tin lidded general store jars.}

What Vintage Christmas items have you found at Estate Sales that you just LOVED?


  1. Hi ~ I'm fairly new to your wonderful blog. I really like your bottle brush tree AND the ornaments that go with it. What a lucky find. My favorite find was my manger set found at an estate sale 2 yrs. ago. It was only $2. It includes 12 pcs. + the manger. It's very vintage & I adore it. I'm not sure what the pcs. are made of. Hard to describe. They are stamped "Made in Japan" on the bottom. I think they're some sort of resin type material? Anyway ~ gorgeous!

  2. Oh Joan, your tree is precious! You are right... the treasures are usually in many places most people would not look... I am not ashamed to say I will crawl under a table or into a dark old basement to search! I told you about the Kugel I "almost" got... next time I won't be so nice! So sad that our Vintage Christmas Mondays are coming to a close... I have had soo much fun and met so many new friends and seen so many wonderful treasures... you have worked so hard on hosting the party... maybe next year I can host it! Love to you...See you Monday! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. I LOVE estate sales and this past year have really found some great ornaments. Some of my favorites were cross-stitched. Love your bottle brush tree AND the ornaments. Have a blessed day!

  4. ahh...I love those teeny ornaments (and the tree, of course!)

  5. Ohhhh boy you did very well, what a special christmas keepsake, yeah for you!
    I'm in love with the paper wreath too...I am just dying to make some and sooooo busy trying to get christmas here for everyone, plus run a shop!
    It all gets done...thankful I can do what need to be done.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Joan,

    Love your bottle brush tree and all the vintage ornaments and the fruit.

    My vintage finds include the small bottle brush trees, putz houses, two vintage Santa Clauses, noma string of lights, red chenille garland, and some pixie elves and throw in some shiny brite ornaments !

    May you have a wonderful Christmas !

    I love your vintage blog !


  7. I've never seen a bottle brush Christmas tree that I have liked, until now! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sweet bottle brush tree and to think that all the ornaments came with it. Great find.
    I have been lucky this year finding vintage glass balls. I prefer the pink or green ones and I managed to find those mostly at Habitat and the thrifts.
    I have a picture of them on the sidebar on my blog.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Lucky gal! Your feather tree is beautiful and the ornaments divine:-).
    I so enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.

  10. Well, I just absolutely love the tree and ornaments..
    I just have some questions:
    Did you faint, or get the vapors, or scream. I may have done all of that if I got hold of that prize.
    I haven't been following you long.
    But I am very glad I did.
    Season's Greetings..
    glenda @SerendipityCottage.blogspot
    drop in sometime to see me.

  11. You have the most amazing and beautiful ornament collection!!!
    Margaret B

  12. When I hit the estate sales....straight to the basement! I'm not sor fortunate (yet) to find such a tree. But, OH, do I have my treasures from people's basements!

  13. Wow! That is a wonderful find, especially with ornaments and all. Lovely how you've displayed it with the oil painting and jars. Blessings :)Tammy

  14. fabulous find! Lucky girl-
    Love it....maybe someday fate with be kind to me in the same way.
    Merry Christmas. =)

  15. That tree is fantastic Joan! Are you saying that you've had to venture up into peoples' attics at estate sales? Wouldn't you need one of those coalminer's hats, with the light on it, to see?!


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