Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Down on the farm in a Shell Station parking lot.

That's right. 

These curious old pieces of farm equipment

Were hanging around the local Shell Station parking lot
a couple of weeks ago.

Mr. Anythinggoeshere and I stopped for gas on the way home
from our weekly trip to the local flea market.

And there they were.

And now they're gone.

I would love to know where they came from
and where they went.

Don't some of them look like they were made from old cars?
Perhaps some early repurposing?

And look at all that lovely old rust and patina!

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  1. Those are all so awesome! I just love
    to imagine the history behind these old rusty things ~
    That is kind of interesting that they
    were there and then all of a sudden gone ~

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. ;-) I know you're attracted to rust, but you find the coolest stuff! Miss seeing you and the Mr. around this summer. Am I missing you somewhere? Take care in this heat, and hope to see you again soon. Love, Penny

  3. Those are very cool. An entire collection. Obvious question...did you ask the people at the Shell station about them?

  4. I think I'd give an eyetooth for the little shield shaped applique on the last one!

    Very cool!

  5. I love old tractors and plows:) I wish I had my Dad's old tractor:( Have a blessed day dear friend, thanks for sharing these pictures! HUGS!

  6. at least you got pics...beautiful old things...rusty gold.

  7. How wonderful that you caught on film these nifty vintage machines. Sea witch

  8. Vintage tractors! Beautiful. Perhaps they were headed to one of the local tractor shows. There's a big one every year out in Hampshire. It's in conjunction with the steam powered threshing bee. Don't miss it.

  9. You just never know where vintage treasure will turn up. You were rewared with the high gas purchases.

  10. Love the old vintage farm machinery. A glimpse of the past. Here in the mountains of NC we see old 'trucks' in the oddest places. Rusted and and falling apart. Just a way of life in the mountains I guess. Smile.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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