Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A few of my favorite things~ Lovingly collected and letting go.

I sold all the wire glove stretchers from my old blog header.

Tomorrow is the First Anniversary of my online shop, anythinggoeshere.etsy.
And in anticipation of the coming second year,
I have been taking a look back at the first.

Several dozens of my Italian stone fruit are out the door.

And one of my reasons for opening an online shop
was to sell items from my personal, long-time collections.

My favorite glass terrarium is living in California.

This has worked out really well because I get to decide
"piece by piece" when it is time for something to go.

After I enjoyed this decoration on the front door last fall
I listed it, and off it went.

Both of my vintage Phrenology heads
are living in other parts of the country.

I am getting  close to not having any vintage garden tools~
something I collected for over 20 years.

When cleaning off a shelf in one of the bedrooms
I realized I was never going to collect any more vintage Easter
so this guy went to live with dozens of others like him.

This old bug started to bug me
so now he is bugging someone else.

Making a clean sweep of a desk, this armillary had to go.

As a regular reader of my blog, you know the whole story of brushes,
brushes and more brushes getting multiple new homes.

Loved this religious piece, but again knew it was never going to become
a collection so it is now living in Pennsylvania with someone who
does collect them.

This part of my "Museum of Measurement" left in the clean=off of the above mentioned desk.

Thank you so much for a wonderful first year of selling at

And a special Thank You to everyone who has given new homes to
things from my personal collections.


  1. I have a store, and just last night I had my son load a ton of stuff in his truck and today I'm packing up the smalls. It just feels like there is too, too much "stuff"! Even if it is cool, it's too much!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Hi Joan, I am wondering what made you decide to destash. I have made that decision recently and am doing it because I want less "clutter" and stuff around to take care of and rearrange etc. I have a little space in a mall and I think I can destash for quite a while before I need to go treasure hunting. How do you decide which things to get rid of? Do you have criteria? I am curious....

  3. Hi Joan! Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Boy, that time has gone fast and now you are an expert at Etsy! I was just looking at my own collection of brushes and will take my cue from you when I am ready to let them go....soon! real soon! :)

  4. What charming finds, and how nice that they found new homes.

    All my divesting takes the form of boxing up and sending to Goodwill, or having a truck come and pick up a big load off the porch. It's TRUE re-cycling, for nine tenths of it came from there, in the first place.

  5. It's hard to let go... but it certainly makes room for something new..

  6. Great items, but I truly understand when you say "everything goes". I am new to blogging and trying to get my etsy shop launched. My collections are taking over my tiny cottage so I know what you mean. I have to find them a new home. Great blog. Kathy


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