Friday, July 15, 2011

Floral Tole Tray, A Sussex Trug.... and a Penguin? Huh?

A sweet vintage Floral Tole Tray

A stylish antique Hand Carved Folk Art Penguin

And a cutie of an old English Sussex Trug

This is why I call my etsy shop anythinggoeshere.

You really don't ever know what you are going
to find there.

Please come and visit 


  1. Happy lst year anniversary on Etsy...I am loving it. From the very first
    day things starting selling...I so happy I finally took the plunge.

  2. What lovely treasure! I think I'll pop in and take a look see. Right after I finish exploring your blog. Thanks for sharing your vision.

  3. I just started an Etsy shop and have quite a few tole trays...the lighter colored ones sell quickly, but to me, the black is a classic!

  4. If I need anything, I know where to come. I like all the items you shared.


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