Friday, March 25, 2011

Hanging It Up

Now that I have finished destashing almost 200 vintage print blocks of hardware
and hardware advertising, 
is time to move along.

To a smaller, but just as interesting longtime stash~
my Vintage Hangers

I have several listings for sale

Some of them are great for display.
Some of them are interesting and unique.

And some like these advertise hotels and businesses
all across the country.  Brought back to Chicagoland from
trips during the 1930's and 40's.


Come by for a look at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

I am also selling my one-of-a-kind jewelry displays.


  1. You certainly have a good selection of them. I'll hop over to check out. Thanks for sharing. Luv-Loretta

  2. I love wooden hangers with business names and locations. Like little maps of commerce. Sea Witch

  3. I love old advertising hangers. Have a few from my parents. On the way to check yours out.

  4. I only have one vintage hanger from an old hotel from my hometown, long ago torn down...I may need to go shopping at your Etsy shop! Thanx for sharing. Come see my vintage Eater decor at my blog...Tiff

  5. Love those vintage hangers. I have a few myself, but my favorite one is from the Disneyland Hotel.

    They are so fun to find and collect. Who knew there could be such a variety of styles? Much more fun than todays wire and plastic versions, that's for sure...

  6. Those are just Darling... Love them , The wood ones are so sweet.

  7. Some of the things you collected are things that we just have around the house and I never thought much about! You must have had some great storage at your place!


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