Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March~ National Clothespin Month

Ah, March!

The month we can start thinking about hanging
the clothes out to dry in the spring weather.

March, the month to celebrate the humble clothespin.

And, anythinggoeshere.etsy is ready to help
you celebrate with

listings for clothespins of
different kinds:

Pinch-Style Round
Pinch-style Round Wrapped With Wire
Pinch-Syle Squared Off
A Variety Pack of all of them.

And I have each of these styles in 3 different quantities.

The sun-burst listings are all for 12 clothespins.
Kind of a clothespin starter kit.

The listings under a cloche are for
36 clothespins.

And the listing of clothespins in the clothespin basket are for
SERiOUS clothespin lovers.

These listings are for 100 clothespins.

I love all the ways that vintage clothespins are being repurposed.

They deserve their own month of celebration.

Happy National Clothespin Month!!!!
Let's get this party started.

Bring some home today 

Put them to work.  They are very handy and
are fun to be around.


  1. What a cute post. Oh and I loved your cloche on the other post....just wonderful. As is all your posts. Your blog is very inspirational!
    Clothespins are good too for hubbys who tend to snore...one snap of the clothespin on their nose...they wake up...you go to sleep! Hahaha

  2. Wouldn't our mothers be surprised at clothespins being a trendy item these days. I still have a bag of my grandmother's old ones.


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