Friday, March 11, 2011

Rabbit of the Day

I don't have many actual Easter Decorations,
but I do have some bunnies who are hopping out to play
during this run-up to Easter.

She is helping me by being a prop in one of my etsy photos.
Isn't she cute?  Look at those adorable ears.

And yes, she is a vintage Steiff.
In the Steiff World her name is Niki, and she 
was introduced in 1951.


  1. Sweet Bunny helper! Precious and Springy:) Have a blessed day dear Joan! HUGS!

  2. O MY Gosh! She is soo cute! Love that vintage bunny. What a sweet amount of wear she has!

  3. I am a sucker for a good rabbit! She is beautiful...and what a treasure too!

  4. How cute!!! Of course not as cute as me, but certainly cute. Hey wait! I'm not cute, I'm handsome! So that would mean the your little bunny is indeed THE cutest, yes? And I'm the handsomest, yes? Of course ;)

    Purrs for a wonderfully grand weekend!


  5. I love anything Steiff. I have a lion. Very cute bunny! judy

  6. Very cute! I love the bunny. :) I have quite a few bunnies that are waiting to hop out for April. :)

  7. That is one cute little Bunny ~ would like it to hop around my Garden I will even leave a carrot out for it ~ We do have a couple or Rabbits living at the top of our garden well away from the dogs and they do producc some babies a couple of times a year ~ Ally x

  8. Sweet! My grandparents gave me a Steiff bear when I was little. He survived many nights of squeezing and an ear gnawing by our poodle Pepe some 45 years ago. I still have him. No stuffed animal feels like a Steiff!
    Thanks for all the Etsy advice!

  9. This is so cute. OMG.... love it!
    Hope to see you at the Illinois bloggirls
    meeting on Saturday?

  10. I think she steals the photo. Enjoy your time off.

  11. Joan, enjoy your rest and time away. Love that bunny picture!


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